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Thread: Light heart palpilations

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    Light heart palpilations

    Hey guys,

    I am now 18 days on Ostarine, first PED ever. I started low and now the last 8 days I have been taking 25 mg a day, along with 37.5 mg of Arimistane and 1000 mg of NAC.

    Friday at the office I noticed for the first time my heart beating with some more power as usual. I notice it especially when I am doing nothing, like right before and after sleep or if im walking or working.

    I would say my heart beats a bit faster than normal but with quite a bit more power. I have got pre bloods done and nothing was off, but this is not a side effect that I had accounted for..
    Normally breathing is like a subconscious process, but it gets pretty conscious now.

    Stimulants are alsmost not used.

    Any thoughts? My plan is to continue for a week and see if it gets worse or goes away.

    Thank you.
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