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Thread: Light heart palpilations

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    I would stop with the ostarine you currently have... sarms do not convert to estrogen... ive seen companies that push arimistane on others with sarms and thats for their benefit in some way... you do not need to using it whatsoever with sarms...

    shipping to netherlands is normally 10-14 days but with the pandemic its impossible to say with accuracy

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    Well I have been using something for 3 weeks now. My test is probably a bit suppresed than, should I PCT with some Arimistane now then? Get bloodwork done? Spent already some money, so might as wel do bloodwork then..? This is not a scenario that I accounted for haha, I thought I had done all the research.

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    no you should NOT pct with arimistane, that makes zero sense man... whats the deal with you not listening about arimistane here bro? i dont get it? im trying to help you and you keep bringing it up... it has NO place here

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    Light heart palpilations

    cancel arimistane completely ...

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    You are most likely not taking real sarms throw that shit in the trash and stop taking arimistane

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