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Thread: Life Question -- Why do you guys train?

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    Life Question -- Why do you guys train?

    Sup guys,

    If this flies with the moderators, I wanted to ask everyone a bit of a life question...

    ....Why do you guys train?

    And I'm not just talking about getting big, or getting strong, but WHY ELSE do you train?

    Personally, I experience strong anxiety and frequent panic attacks, and the gym is one of those things that helps me get through these hard times through distraction and anxiety relief. And when all else fails in life, I can still see myself improving in at least something, and doing something productive when I have no other motivation. Sometimes, it's the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Getting muscular and the perks that come with it is great, but the act itself of weight lifting and BEING ABLE to have something which provides me that release, distraction and form of productivity is what is best to me.

    Stemming from this I would also like to ask everyone, do YOU guys also experience panic attacks, if so then what ignites them for you, and how often do you experience them?

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    Because sitting on the coach watching TV sucks. I became extremely depressed once i knew my chances of playing football were over, dealing with injury and other life issues...through lifting i can capture a small piece of the past time i grew up on as well as distract myself from the lingering depression caused from losing such a big part of myself.

    Going to the gym doesnt always feel good...but leaving the gym after a killer workout ALWAYS does.

    Its practically my therapy.

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    The reasons behind why I train have changed and evolved over time. Initially, I started training to change my physique. However, I soon realized training was an excellent way to manage and deal with stress in a constructive manor. Training soon became a form of meditation - a place where I could go disconnect from the stressors of day to day life and just focus on one thing. As I continued to train, I became interested in the science and physics behind it.

    Today, I continue to train not only for the reasons mentioned above, but because I truly enjoy pushing myself to be better and better. I welcome the challenge each day as I step into the gym as I strive to reach new goals. I have also developed a true appreciation and respect for people with great physiques. Before I started, I had no idea the amount of hard work and discipline that was required to achieve a fantastic physique. Now I can look at someone and say to myself 'That person has put in a lot of hard work" and truly respect the work that individual has put in.

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    Aside from the obvious benefits to my body, I train for the mental therapy...the gym is my sanctuary. Its my moment of clarity. It's what keeps me balanced and what I need for "me" to keep me happy. No matter what is going on in my life, the gym is there for me to escape and unwind. It's the best stress reliever and better than any antidepressant.

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    Since I was little my dad always had me and my brother active, it could have been sports or just us three doing push ups and sit ups in the living room...we were always doing something. I've been in martial arts since I was little, thats due to the ninja turtles, power rangers and dragon ball z lol. and yes I still train with that youthful mindset. when I joined high school football thats when I fell in love with weight lifting, and thats when decided to go to school for sports medicine and kinesiology...which at ups now haha!

    I now have 3 boys, and I refuse to be the kind of dad that can't do anything with them. my father was always active with me, thats how I want to be for them. I feel like it helps influence fitness when you participate in it with your kids and make it fun. and of course I lift for myself, it makes me sane. in the weight room I can clear my mind... no family issues, no money issues, no job issues. its damn good therapy!!

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    I'm older than most on this forum. I'll be 62 in October. Been working out for half my life, just to be fit. When I was younger, it was to keep up with my kids. Now its to stave off old age. I was lucky enough to retire 3 years ago and I'm looking forward to an active life with family and friends.

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    When I was 28. I was lacing my boots up in the morning and I passed out. I had already knew I'd had low blood sugar but never did anything about it. My co-worker was there to help me up. He knew me back in high school when I played ball and he was fresh out of the military and needed some work so I hooked him up. He ran track. That morning he told me that "you hooked me up now I'm going to return th favor". We got back to the apartment and started working out. I never looked back since. Now I don't know what I'd do if I didn't lift.

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    I wanna take care of myself as long as I can and leave an impression on my boys to work hard and always push for your goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SdBronco View Post

    Going to the gym doesnt always feel good...but leaving the gym after a killer workout ALWAYS does.

    Its practically my therapy.

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    Very true. I can enter the gym in a shit mood and unmotivated to be there, but I would always leave feeling much better physically and mentally.

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    I was once an alcoholic. I lost a wife and great life to the booze. About 5 years ago I was obese, depressed and screwing up my current relationship. I decided to give something new a chance... The moment I started working out, I couldn't stop. It was something that made me feel great and didn't hurt anyone in the process. I was hooked!

    Now I just annoy people with my diet. But hey, I'd rather do that than burn bridges with alcohol.

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