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Thread: LGD water retention

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    LGD water retention

    Hey guys, Iím currently running LGD in my research. Unfortunately, I look like a bloated fat piece of crap, I finished my cut only 2 weeks ago, so itís not body fat. I assume Iím just retaining a bunch of water. Any recommendations to shed this water and keep me from retaining water during the rest of my cycle?

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    Where did you get your LGD?

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    what did you run before this cycle? lgd does not cause water retention at all so its pretty strange...

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    I cut naturally before I started the LGD. Haven't ran a SARM cycle for about a year.

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    You may need to look at your water and carb intake, sodium, etc....

    That may be the cause of your water retention.

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    Is it the only thing you are running? Mk677 can have some water retention if you don't keep your potassium intake up

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    hows your BP bro?.... drink a Ton of water and take some extra potassium... Isn't the daily recommendation like 4700 mg a day for a normal male.... So do you feel like your hitting that mark?........ also ... your dosing 10mg/day?... or are you going a bit higher?

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    potassium should be at least 4700 mg per day and most people are nowhere near that.. sodium should be kept to 2300 mg per day and if those ratios are far off, you will see water retention

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