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Thread: lgd replacement?

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    lgd replacement?


    Looking to run a bulk with rad-140 / ostarine and used LGD previously but it seems to give me really really bad heartburn.

    Can you suggest a replacement for LGD on a 12 week bulk cycle that I can stack with the Ostarine and LGD?


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    S4 or YK11 would be your best options. Could also look at S23 but that is the most suppressive of the sarms.

    Bulking LGD is best but the others will help build lean muscle mass too.

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    s23 or yk11 woul be the best options... s23 is on sale today at so now would be the time to stock up

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    It is not the actual SARM compound causing the heartburn. Has to be the alcohol it is suspended in. There is actual very little active compound in the dose when you consider the volume.
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    I get heartburn with Tren so I always start Prilosec about a week before the cycle. I really helps...

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