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Thread: LGD-4033, I need advice.

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    LGD-4033, I need advice.

    I’m looking into doing SARMS, I’m going to take LGD-4033, they’re capsules, on the bottle it says to take 2 capsules a day, but the serving for one capsule is 12.5 mg. I need help, I need advice and I need a good PCT plan. I’m planning on taking LGD for 8 weeks.
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    You have not done much research mate but at least your asking before starting a cycle if nothing else. 8 weeks is IMO a waste . Run a full12 week cycle that's what has been recommended for years . also I don't like the concentration of those sarms 12.5mg is a odd number and twice a day... that's 25mg and at least double what we recommend. LGD should be dosed 10mg daily.
    PCT should consist of 4 weeks of clomid and GW will assist also . Whats your stats (age, height, weight , bf%, goals )

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    weeks 1-12 LGD 10 mg (never ran 12.5 but i suppose it's not that big deal ...)
    weeks 9-12 DGA post CT

    Mini pct 13-16
    Clomid or nolvadex 50/25/25/25 or 40/20/20/20
    Gw 20 mg/day

    ur lgd is most likely not legit , i never saw lgd dosed at 12.5 mg...most of them are dosed at 5 mg

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    you havent done a stitch of research which means you have NO BUSINESS using sarms, or any other ped... where did you even get them..

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    I’m 18, my heaight is 5’10, I weight 160 pounds, bf % probably around 15, and I want to grow like I just want to get big. I want to get more strength. It seemed so fishy because everyone recommends at least 10 mg a day. So it really had me thinking.

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    I got them at a local store called Rocks.

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    I know where you’re coming from like I said this is why I’m asking for advice to get more information about this.

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    Also where can I get clomid/nolvadex

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    noone here is going to advise an 18 year old about any of this.. thread closed

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