Hi guys and girls. I’ve taken some time to delve into researching a cycle of LGD-4033 and I’m looking for criticism and advice on my current knowledge:

I’ve seen mixed opinions between running LGD-4033 for 6-12 weeks - supposedly it peaks around 6 weeks so there is no need to stop there, however, others have implied the chances of suppression are much higher running for 12 weeks; what would you recommend?

Pretty standard - everywhere seems to imply it’s essentially 10mg daily from the first to final week for males, no more or less.

PCT is where I need the majority of your advice. I’ve found running PCT for 4 weeks seems to be the general consensus - directly after the last dose of LGD-4033 will I need to take 50mg of clomid daily for the first week and 25mg for the remaining 3 weeks. In addition to that I’ve heard people using Nolvadex and “GW” in their PCT - would you advise any of the aforementioned substances for my PCT?