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Thread: Gw during cycle

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    Gw during cycle

    So I am 6 days into my lgd, rad 140, mk677 cycle at at the doses of 10mg lgd , rad 140 20mg and mk 677 25mg ....all doses once per day.. i must say i love the pump in the gym and the endless hunger for food so far. I expect with those early signs only size is to come... I have a bottle of gw that i bought for pct with clomid/nolva. My question is would i be able to run the gw right now or at anytime during my current cycle? What kind of benefits would i get from doing so? And of course i will have more gw for my pct but was just curious if i can rock it now and what to expect..... thanks

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    You can run GW at anytime. It'll give you added stamina in the gym and, for me, provides excellent nutrient partitioning. I ran it through my last cycle and into PCT and beyond. It was my first time using it on a steroid cycle and in PCT and it helped me retain gains and stay lean incredibly well. This was dosed at 20mg a day. I love the stuff.

    What I will say is that the stamina boost it provides seems to wear off after a while, usually 10 weeks in, for me. At which point I take a couple of weeks off and jump back on. I'll be doing a similar cycle to yours soon. LGD 10mg, RAD140 20mg and GW 20mg. Let me know how this goes for you?

    I'll be skipping the MK677. Still have half a bottle but it makes me sleep so deeply that I snore like a fucking shipwreck. Drives the missus insane.

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    you can run gw anytime, with anything, in any scenario...

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    Yep, the great thing about gw is how versatile it is and the fact that you can use it anytime, on cycle or off at your own leisure

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    Hell ya... thanks fellas and @ red89 will do man

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