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Thread: Lgd 10 mg dose once in 2 days as 5mg not available

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    Lgd 10 mg dose once in 2 days as 5mg not available

    Hey ,Dylan I am starting to run lgd4033 cycle at 5mg a day but The sarm I have got has 10 mg pills so should I consider taking 10mg once in 2 days to get 5 mg dosage. I am going to run a lgd only cycle for 12 weeks in which first 5 weeks 5mg and next 7 weeks 10 mg a day

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    If they are capsules I would open it and take half a day.

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    are you a female? 10 mg per day is the standard dose for a male so unless you are a female, you run 10 mg per day...

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    thats completely wrong... 5 weeks is absolutely pointless and 10 mg is the dose for a man to run, whether you've used them or not.. i would just hold off honestly... .it doesnt really sound like you are ready for this... you should stick around here and get more education on this first

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    im not misunderstanding anything... 5 mg is a female dose, as ive said now... if you are not a female, you run it at 10 mg... you dont need to run it at 5 whatsoever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen stokes View Post
    Sorry Bro I think you misunderstood my point what I am saying is
    1. I am 25 year old male
    2. Should I run 5 mg for 5 weeks and then dose it to 10 mg for next 7 weeks for my 12 weeks lgd only cycle
    3. Or should I just dose 10 mg right from the beginning for 12 weeks.
    #3 bro... 10mg right from the beginning for 12 weeks. I don't think Dylan can make it any clearer for you to understand.

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    Tysm brother

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