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Thread: Product advice AAS and SARMS

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    Product advice AAS and SARMS

    Hey Dylan, First and foremost, thanks for all the videos and ALL of the knowledge/advice you share with us concerning AAS and SARMS. After looking around and gathering as much info I could (everything is so new there doesnt seem to be a consistency in opinions concerning SARMS), I chose to start my first SARM cycle with... LGD/Ostarine (Pure Rawz 20mg). 1 pill taken once every morning GW-501516 (Pure Rawz 20mg). 1 pill taken once every night Nothing else. Based on your knowledge, what can I expect out of this and is there anything you would add to it for better results (Goal is adding lean muscle while toning up)? Would I need any AI or PCT? Doesnt sound like I should but I want to double check! Ive run AAS cycles in the past (1. Test only, 2.Test, deca, and dbol and 3. Test and EQ), but Im really hoping that the SARMS can deliver “similar” results without the sides. As said earlier, I appreciate all you do and should you get the chance to reply... thank you. God bless

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    i wouldnt expect anything good from that company... they have had so many issues and i would not trust them whatsoever.. i would honestly not continue with those... if you do decide to do so, you better keep a VERY close eye on side effects and bloodwork that would not be consistent with actual sarms use...

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