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Thread: LEAN BULk and extreme cutting cycle

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    You're switching your esters far too much, we also don't know anything about you, you could be overweight, clen is dangerous as is, you don't need it, just add in some SR and GW then watch your diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigsteve5776 View Post
    Dude holy shit, that's a new level of fucked up. They are saying it's a joke cuz it literally makes zero sense. Any switch the test up 3 times, sure test is test but Jesus Christ by the time you reach. The test prop the enanthate and long refers from sust are already in your system so why? It's a mess bro, straight up.
    My thoughts exactly.I'm still an infant in the game & that cycle just blew my mind.Why not throw some halo in there as well?<facepalm>

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