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Thread: LDG + S4 (w/ M1 MK) stack log.

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    Day 24:

    LDG Ė 10mg @ 8am
    S4 Ė 25mg @ 8am, 25mg @ 14:30
    M1 MK Ė 3caps @ 5:30am, 2cap @ 14:30am, 2caps @ 18:30

    OkÖ so today wasnít such a good day. Iíve been feeling signs of suppression over the last few days, low energy and generally feeling weaker doing mundane tasks. Today I felt pretty bad in the gym. Iíve tapered back my cardio training since I started this stack and focused more on lifting. I have a CrossFit competition coming up next month and today was a practice (Team workout) workout. My performance was NOT GOOD, my cardio seems to have fallen off a cliff. This is worrying a month out from a comp. I donít know if itís a side-effect from the LDG+S4 stack in the form of suppression, or if itís the lack of cardio over the past three weeks. My level shouldnít have dropped this much!

    I have 60 days of GW on hand and Iím now thinking of adding this into my cycle for the next 30 days in the lead up to the comp. Then keeping the remaining 30 days for PCT. Iím hoping this will get my cardio levels back up while increasing the comp prep training.

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    Day 26:

    LDG - 10mg @ 7:30am
    S4 - 25mg @ 7:30am & 25mg @ 12:30
    M1 MK - 3 caps @ 14:00 & 4 caps @ 22:00

    Iím away with work this week so itís the hotel gym for the next 4 days. Managed to get a decent (but short) chest session in today. Planning on an early shoulders/arms/cardio session in the morning before breakfast. Donít feel as bad as I did a few days ago but Iím still not feeling any positive effects from the sarms. I do look a little more vascular in my calves and shoulders but thatís about it. My weight is stable and has been for the past four weeks. Iím definitely adding in the GW as previously mentioned. Iíll start dosing this at the beginning of week 5 and run it for 4 weeks.

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    Day 28:

    LDG - 10mg @ 6:30am
    S4 - 25mg @ 6:30am & 25mg @ 13:30
    M1 MK - 3 caps @ 6:30am, 2 caps @ 14:00 & 2 caps @ 23:00

    Still in the hotel but have managed some really good workouts. Hit chest and back and back again today, will do shoulders and arms tomorrow before squatting on Friday. Feeling really tired at the moment. Probably a combination of working away, which involves 14 hour days and some suppression from the sarms. I'm interested to see the results when I run my mid-cycle bloods in two weeks, it feels as though my test levels are dropping from an already prep cycle level. I'm looking to start the GW tomorrow so I'm hoping to see some bounce back when I get back to my home gym on Friday for some more comp prep. I'll post some updated gym numbers in the next few days.

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    Sorry the updates have been slow recently. Been snowed in with work and me and the Mrs decided to have a weekend away, sorely needed. Iíll update on my progress tomorrow.

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    thats okay brother, keep up the good work

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    Day 35:

    LDG Ė 10mg @ 5:45am
    GW501516 Ė 20mg @ 5:45am
    S4 Ė 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 12:00
    M1 MK Ė 3caps @ 5:30am, 2cap @ 14:00am, 2caps @ 19:30

    Ok so Iíve started to add in GW501516 as my cardio hasnít been where it should be since starting this stack 5 weeks ago. It may be down to the decrease level of cardio training Iíve been doing but I need something to give me a boost back up, Iíve got a CF comp in two weeks!

    As for results Iím still yet to see many. My weight has stayed consistent and I havenít noticed any increases in strength. I look a little more vascular but only very slightly.

    Iíve been feeling really lethargic the past week and today hit a new low. My energy levels are horrendous and I seem to be in a constant poor mood. My misses has even noticed and made comment about it. Iíll be taking my mid-cycle bloodwork next week and with the way Iím feeling Iím expecting to see a suppression of my already low test levels. It actually got to the point today where I was considering cutting this cycle short and moving straight to PCT, but Iíd like to see my bloodwork before I make that decision. I donít think a mini PCT will do the trick after this cycle is over.

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    Day 40:

    LDG Ė 10mg @ 5:45am
    GW501516 Ė 20mg @ 5:45am
    S4 Ė 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 12:30
    M1 MK Ė 3caps @ 5:30am, 2cap @ 14:00am, 2caps @ 19:30

    Ordered my mid-cycle bloods this week so I'll take a sample this weekend. Really looking forward to seeing the results as I'm still feeling quite suppressed. Strength still hasn't improved and while I still look at little more vascular, not a lot has changed.

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    Day 42:

    LDG Ė 10mg @ 5:45am
    GW501516 Ė 20mg @ 5:45am
    S4 Ė 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 11:00
    M1 MK Ė 3caps @ 5:30am, 2cap @ 14:00am, 2caps @ 19:30

    Ok so I'm half way through my 12 week cycle... I started the cycle with a recomp in mind and I started the cycle in a calorie surplus to try and gain a few pounds before starting a cut (water hopefully) at about the half way stage. It isn't uncommon to read that people have gained 3-5lbs in 6 weeks on this stack. Well that didn't happen for whatever reason, maybe too much cardio but my cardio performance has suffered as I've stated so I don't think its that. That brings me too today and my cut has started, I'm now in a calorie deficit and hoping the sarms help me to retain muscle as I strip away bodyfat (something I find easier to do).

    CF comp 10-11 August and the training has now ramped up, felt good in the gym this morning. I think the GW is starting to kick in, but time will tell over the next 2 weeks.

    On a side note, getting the final few doses out of the sarms bottles in a bloody nightmare! I know liquids are easier to dose but think I'd prefer pills. Starting to come around to the idea of running a Test only cycle towards the end of the year.

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    Day 44:

    LDG Ė 10mg @ 5:45am
    GW501516 Ė 20mg @ 5:45am
    S4 Ė 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 15:00
    M1 MK Ė 3caps @ 5:30am, 1cap @ 15:00am, 2caps @ 19:30

    Weight: 82.6kg (182.1lbs)

    I'll be taking a blood sample tomorrow morning and sending it off for analysis. My test levels were low and my prolactin was really high at the beginning of the cycle. I feel a lot more lethargic now than I did then so I dread to think what the results will be. Training has been ok, a week of comp prep coming up and the workouts have been released so a good chance to have a go and see what we can do. Cardio seems to be coming back but my strength is still lacking a bit. I'm due to max out my clean & jerk tomorrow so that should be interesting.

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    Day 45:

    LDG Ė 10mg @ 6:45am
    GW501516 Ė 20mg @ 6:45am
    S4 Ė 25mg @ 6:45am, 25mg @ 13:00
    M1 MK Ė 3caps @ 6:30am, 1cap @ 15:00am, 2caps @ 19:30

    Felt really good again in the gym this morning. Feel like the GW is kicking in and my cardio is at a good level, where I was pre-cycle anyway. Managed to PR my clean and jerk by 2kg (4.4lbs) as well so a good day overall.

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