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Thread: LDG + S4 (w/ M1 MK) stack log.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    you dont have high shbg though bro... proviron lowers shbg to free up bound testosterone but it wouldnt appear that your shbg is causing an issue
    Ok, thanks Dylan. Good to know.

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    no problem

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    Nice updates bro. Keep them coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRock View Post
    Nice updates bro. Keep them coming
    Will do mate. The updates seem to take a while to appear on the thread after Ive posted it.

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    Day 6:

    LDG - 10mg @ 5:45am
    S4 - 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 11:15am
    M1 MK 3caps @ 5:30am, 1cap @ 08:30am, 1cap @ 13:00, 2caps @ 18:30

    Weight 84.4kg (186.1lbs)

    Started my new lifting macrocycle today, really looking forward to what I can do with this alongside the LDG and S4. Ill update progress on lifting numbers etc as they happen. Jumped on the scales this morning and there hasnt really been any change in the previous five days but considering Id lowered my calories thats a good thing. Ive decided to push my daily calories back up to 4000 a day for the next 2-3 weeks. Im 7.5% bodyfat so sacrificing a percent or two in order to gain some size wouldnt be the end of the world. Headaches seem to have gone. Ill look at posting my average daily food intake in the next few days.

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    Day 7:

    LDG - 10mg @ 5:45am
    S4 - 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 11:15am
    M1 MK 3caps @ 5:30am, 1cap @ 08:30am, 1cap @ 13:00, 2caps @ 18:30

    Felt good in the gym this morning, still no real strength increases to report yet. Started to get a slight tint of yellow vision last night while I was lying in bed. Nothing major. Back upto 4000cals a day now so Ive posted todays meals below

    05:45am 1 x slice of wholemeal bread, 1 x small banana, 10g peanut butter (7g protein)
    08:30am 1 cup semi-skimmed milk, 90g rolled oats, 1 x small banana, 10g peanut butter (23g protein)
    11:00am 1 x Quark yogurt 120g (22g protein)
    13:15 100g (raw) brown rice, 165g ground turkey, 50g reduced fat coleslaw, 15g light mayo (62g protein)
    15:30 1 x wholemeal wrap, 1 can tuna, 15g light mayo, 25g spinach (34g protein)
    18:00 200g chicken breast, 300g white potato, 100g broccoli, 80g courgette, 75g bell pepper, 75g onion, 10ml olive oil (67g protein)
    19:30 2 x chocolate rice cake (3g protein)
    21:30 250g Greek yogurt, 20g casein protein powder, 50g granola, 100g strawberries, 30g blueberries, 20g almonds (37g protein)

    Total = 255g protein

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    Day 8:

    LDG - 10mg @ 5:45am
    S4 - 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 11:15am
    M1 MK 3caps @ 5:30am, 1cap @ 08:30am, 1cap @ 13:00, 2caps @ 19:30

    Nothing new to report. Felt a slight bicep pump during the afternoon which Ive never really had before but apart from that still feeling good.

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    thanks for the updates brother... very detailed which is always great...

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    Day 9:

    LDG - 10mg @ 5:45am
    S4 - 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 11:15am
    M1 MK 3caps @ 5:30am, 1cap @ 08:30am, 1cap @ 13:00, 2caps @ 18:30

    Dosed at the normal time this morning and felt super motivated on the drive to the gym. Pharoah Monche cranked WAY UP! Today was a repeat of Mondays chest and back workout. Im hitting upper body muscle groups twice a week with my new program, something I havent done for many years. This way Im hoping to see a clearer progression week to week. Sticking in the 10-12 rep range x 4, I progressed from Monday hitting all sets at 12 reps or increasing the weight from hitting 12 on Monday.

    Bench Press
    Monday - 12, 11, 10 @ 70kg (155lbs), 5 @ 75kg (165lbs)
    Thursday 12, 12, 12 @ 70kg (155lbs), 6 @ 75kg (165lbs)

    Incline DB Press
    Monday 3 x 12 @ 22.5kg (50lbs), 6 @ 25kg (55lbs)
    Thursday 3 x 12 @ 25kg (55lbs), 6 @ 27.5kg (61lbs)

    Cable Pull Overs
    Monday 3 x 12 @ 42.5kg (93lbs), 6 @ 47.5kg (105lbs)
    Thursday 3 x 12 @ 47.5kg (105lbs), 6 @ 50kg (110lbs)

    Pendlay Row
    Monday 3 x 12 @ 70kg (154lbs)
    Thursday 3 x 12 @ 75kg (165lbs)

    Happy with the small progression. I had a spotter today which I didnt on Monday and although he wasnt needed its always a confidence boost when youre lifting so that could account for the increase.

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    Day 10:

    LDG - 10mg @ 5:45am

    S4 - 25mg @ 5:45am, 25mg @ 11:00am

    M1 MK 3caps @ 5:30am, 1cap @ 08:30am, 1cap @ 13:40, 2caps @ 18:30

    Second shoulder/arms session of the week today. Dosed as normal and hit the gym for 6am

    Hang Clean & Press 4 x 12 @ 47.5kg (105lbs) + 2.5kg*

    DB Lat Raise 4 x 12 @ 14kg (30lbs) + 2.2kg*

    Upright Row 4 x 10, 6, 4, 2 @ 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 62.5kg (138lbs) + 2.5kg*

    Push Press 3 x 6, 4, 2 @ 60kg, 65kg, 70kg (154lbs)

    Standing Cable Curls 4 x 12 @ 32.5kg (72lbs) + 2.5kg*

    Seated DB Curls 4 x 12 @ 11kg (25lbs)

    Close Grip Press 4 x 12 @ 47.5kg (105lbs) + 5kg*

    Standing Tricep Extension 3 x 12, 1 x 10 @ 25kg (55lbs) + 2.5kg*

    Wrist Curls/Reverse 4 x 12 @ 7kg (15lbs) + 1.5kg*

    GHD Crunches 5 x 25

    *Increases from Tuesdays workout

    Felt good again today in the gym, feel like Ive got more in the tank with most lifts. Ive put together a 12 week program to run alongside my cycle. Looking at making steady progression throughout. Unfortunately I cannot post progress pictures due to the nature of my work, Ive got quite a few distinguishable tattoos so staying incognito would be too difficult.

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