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Thread: Lazy and Psychic Questions will no longer be answered...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BraceAirSummary View Post
    great content!
    Thank you for this

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    I know this, I would not have the patience for stupid bullshit. Research research research! So much info out there. If guys don?t know how to put together a meal plan or training cycle, what the hell are they doing with gear? Blows my mind.

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    I completely agree. Some people are just too damn lazy... they want people to do everything for them when it takes 5 seconds to look something up.... I'm shocked that there are so many lazy people that don’t educate themselves and don’t do proper research BEFORE putting a powerful substance into their body...

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    Thank you! Useful information.

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    I agree 100% with Dylan. There is no answer for stupidity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzkrieg007 View Post
    I agree 100% with Dylan. There is no answer for stupidity.
    I'd say it's more ignorance than stupidity but annoying nonetheless.

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    So I take it no one can tell me how much I'll be able to rep out after a cycle? How much weight I will be able to lift? How much I'll gain? How much I will be able to eat? How many shits I'll take per day? How many pimples I'll get on my back? If my ding a ling will shrink? Ifso how many inches will I sacrifice?? Perhaps maybe what the weather will be for the duration of my cycle? Or how many people will be in the gym per new years resolutioners and I mean a exact number I can expect? Will my friends think I'm cooler? Will I finally get a girlfriend ifnot can someome hook me up with one? Ifso what will she look like ? And how old ? Will we have children and get married?? Will her mother like me ?
    This is how y'all muthafawkas sound !! ??????????????*
    Ps: some of these are actual questions even I been asked...and I'm always like wtf?? ???? stupidest shit comes outta people's mouths honestly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanvuonviet View Post
    BEFORE putting a powerful substance into their body...
    That's all they care about, their physicality.

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