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Thread: Kratom caber while on tren

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    Kratom caber while on tren

    Well Ive been all over the Internet for this. google,youtube,forums,articles and I cant find anything one this. I really need advice/help from the pros(you guys). Witch by the way I will appreciate 100. Basically Ive been cruising on self prescribed trt of 150 a week and it keeps me at higher range of normal along with Cardarine and a good diet. I?ve been on this for 2 years. My blood work is crazy good like it seems as if Im not using anything weird. But I also do a lot of cardio like twice per day along with lifting weights etc. any who Ive decided to do my second cycle of tren with my test at the same dosage of 150. Only difference is I will be adding The tren at 100-200 no higher or lower and the issue is high prolactin issues from the past tren cycle.I Couldnt cum and got floppy erections lol my E2 is always controlled. I do 12mcg exemestane Monday,Wednesday,Friday, blood work showed it brought me down to a normal range. Ok Here is the thing I am gonna add caber or p5p depending on yalls advise but I am an avid user of Kratom and I am afraid of mixing Kratom and caber etc. I am afraid of a weird interaction that could happen since I am clueless of this. Thats were I need your help, yes I know the standard protocol I should get blood work done and I am I promise but I just need a direction to run in because I want to start with some information at least. Last cycle it was the same 150test and 150-200 tren and I had the prolactin issues. So can I mix caber with Kratom or not or can I get away with P5P what can I do you guys I really need your help on this one. I have no option to post here since I couldn?t get any information Anywhere else please and thank you.
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    Have you tried using B6 instead of Caber? I am unsure of any negative effects from the mixing of caber and Kratom but I would assume B6 would have les side effects as it is a vitamin and not a drug as Caber is. I used B6 once I started having the same issues you were talking about above if not slightly worse. They B6 cleared up all issues for the remainder of the cycle. I used 400mg a day of B6.

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    I am willing too give it a try I mean I?m scared of caber tbh honest I?ve heard that it meses with you?re hearth, but apart from what you recommend isn?t p5p like b6? Or better? There a few videos on YouTube of people recommending p5p for tren and that it?s supposedly better than b6, but I will give it a try can I get b6 anywhere?

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    I have used Caber before and with no issue and didn?t notice much I also wanted to use for it for it?s libido boosting effects which I didn?t notice really either. P5P I believe is juts a more bio available form of B6 if I?m not mistaken. I see what you mean I prefer to limit the amount of compounds
    Or drugs I use if one can be substituted for a simple vitamin. B6 is available everywhere to ur right which makes it easier and cheaper. If you use P5p you can use about half the amount of regular B6. I have used p5p to also not much of difference but cost more.

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    vitamin b6 works well if your dose of tren is on the lower end

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    Thanks Dylan I appreciate it, I just ordered some Gonna go with what you guys suggested.

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    b6 should handle it if the dose is low. Moderate/medium+ doses should be reason to use caber.

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    no problem bro

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    Im assuming you mean 12mg of aromasin MW/F?

    Its not a high dose test at 150mg/week and tren at 100-200mg/week I dunno seems like a lot of AI? Might be crushing your estrogen could try lowering the dose unless you know you are estrogen/gyno prone.

    Can also try running caber or proviron like you mentioned but no idea how those interact with Kratom.

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    Sorry I meant mg12. That dose has not crushed my estrogen and feel really good. No more watery estrogen bloat and I?ve lost 10lbs in a short amount of time since starting the exemstane. My estrogen came back high on that dose of test. I guess I?m a heavy aromatizer although I am not gyno prone at all. But I do have a small amount of Phseudo gyno even though Im lean lol it sucks.
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