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Thread: Knee Surgery Recovery

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    Knee Surgery Recovery

    To you Dylan, and all in the Tribe-

    Just wanted to give yíall an update, 9wks out from full blown knee surgery-
    Bro, you advised me on a particular stack that consist of: RAD140 @ 10-20mg; MK677 & MK2866 @ 25mg; LGD4033 @ 10mg; (All 1-12) and added M1-MK 3wks ago- Well Iím here to say that after only 5wks, yes 5wks man, of hard core PT Iím walking without crutches and or a limp- In a nut shell, I started PT at bending the knee only 81* (Degrees, heel to butt) and now 5wks out Iím bending it at 142* Guyís this is just blowing everyone away in the PT office. They said, that people recovering from this surgery are normally at 135* after 3 freakiní months. So PT 2x wk and the gym 3x- Suffered no atrophy what so ever, just a lil weak in the quad area, but still throwing up the iron... So for anyone out there recovery from an injury (Ligaments, Tendons, or any tears) these products are for real man, and the advice here is 2nd to none. I know itís still a long road to 100% recovery if ever, but for now, Iím so freakin satisfied for how itís been going and look forward to continued progress. Sorry for rattling on and hope I didnít bore anyone, Iím just really jacked and a firm believer that this stack works man- I thank you all for the advice and push you have been given me-

    Thank you all, you guys rock!

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    Wow! I wonder if they would help with a ruptured disc in my lower back. Anyone have any feed back on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadlee View Post
    Wow! I wonder if they would help with a ruptured disc in my lower back. Anyone have any feed back on this?
    they help to enhance healing of injuries... they are not a magic cure but you can notice the difference when using them as they speed things along and alleviate many symptoms etc...

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    Thanks for sharing

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