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Thread: keeping gains after cycle. ranks please!

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    keeping gains after cycle. ranks please!

    hey guys, quick question.

    assuming we are doing very optimal cycle dosage, length, pct plan, and diet plan, how would you rank compounds that have the most keepable gains after cycle?

    injectables: tren, eq, deca, primo, masteron, test etc
    orals: winstrol, anavar, tbol, dbol, etc

    feedbacks please!!

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    I've never really had any problems keeping my gains from an injectable compound run correctly. The real key to keeping your gains is a robust and proper key, maintaining your diet, and continuing to train hard when you come off cycle. Running orals only is a different story however. Among other problems with this, it is hard to keep most of your gains this way.

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    Not this question again. Steroids are drugs. When you stop using them effects go away. It's like saying how much of my high will I keep after I smoke this joint? I wish you guys would stop asking this question. Does Jay Cutler still look like Mr. Olympia? Dorian Yates? Have you seen Kali Muscle lately?

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    This is why it's important to reach your natural genetic potential before using steroids. That way when you come off at least you still look like you lift.

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    im sorry but i cant even attempt to answer this nor will i even go there...

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