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Thread: Just won my first BB competition!

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    Just won my first BB competition!

    Hey all, I started this journey 8 months ago. Went from 13% bf, down to 4% bf by April, when I competed in my first BB competition in Physique. I'm 53 and I took 1st place in masters and 4th in open! Been on this forum and watched just about all of Dylan's youtube videos. All of which helped tremendously. I started out with a TRT cycle (my first) June of last year, and with the help of Dylan and a few other members here, I graduated up to a full 16 week cycle before the competition of 400 test, 800 EQ and Winstrol the last 3 weeks before the competition. I also had the help of a great nutritionist who got me dialed in on my macros. Now I'm hooked! Going to take a break for a few months and do another competition end of August. Only problem is that I'm currently in PCT mode and not sure how I'm going to manage another cycle before then. I'm either going to cruise on trt or just simply cut my PCT short and run another PCT after the August competition for a full 4 months. Any advise on that would be appreciated. Here is my before and after pics
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    Congrats bro.... Amazing transformation!

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    You look great bro! Nice work.

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    NICE WORK brother, thats what i love to see! congratulations!

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
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    53 and looking like that?! Nothing but respect here, bro. Congratulations!

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    Jesus man, nice job!
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    Congrats bro. Good for you!
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    Very nice job brother. Well done, and glad to see you representing well for the older guys

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