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Thread: Just 3 pieces of advice

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    Just 3 pieces of advice

    We often see threads about worst advise EVER.. But we seldom read about best suggestions..

    If you were sitting down with the younger you from back when, or simply a newbie what advice would you give? What would you offer,what suggestions about the best course of action for him/her that would find them well in life way of life/lifestyle?

    1) take the first few years and dedicate it to learning the true curves to dieting and nutrition
    2) learn how the muscles actually functions and work in groups, different twitches and so on, and what head is activated or deactivated with particular movements, and focus on form
    3) surround yourself with goal like minded people, stay the fuck away from naysayers and underachievers (you'll reach your target and dreams much faster and it will became a reality)

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    all excellent points... and all extremely important

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    1. You are not as invisible as you think you are. Take care of your body. You only get one. Learn how it functions and what to do to protect its joints. This will make you stronger longer!

    2. Everything does not happen overnight!Take the time to do it correct and it will be forever!

    3. Enjoy life. The world is big and different. See as much as you can. Experience as much as you can. Live life for now and not in the past.

    4. Love your self first cause you are the best thing for you!!!

    Sorry I had to add a fourth.
    Excellent topic. I love positive thinking. I personally spend majority of my day dealing with negative stuff at work. It brightens my day when one small ray of positive is said to me. People will get up and shout negative stuff in a heart beat. They jump on the web and wright a bad review instantly. But if they have a positive experience they rarely share it so easily.
    Have a great day!!!
    “I love me, some me”

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    Great advice!

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    Some really good advices right here.
    Thank you for that man.

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    Great touches there, helpful information for everybody thats coming across.

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    Any one else have anything that they would like to share? lets hear some feedback....

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    I would add to not rush into things and do not think that roids are going to achieve the goal without you working hard for it.

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    Very nice information points here!
    Thanks for the helpful thread!

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