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Thread: jmmdm2's POST CT Log

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    jmmdm2's POST CT Log

    My bottle of POST CT arrived yesterday so I'm extremely excited to start this log.


    It's been 14 weeks since my test/deca run and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm getting my post PCT blood work tomorrow morning (four weeks after PCT ended) followed by my first dose of POST CT.
    I'll post relevant stats tomorrow and I'll keep track of calorie intake/macros as well as workouts to some extent and my general sense of well being. I'll test blood again in another month.

    My reason for trying post CT: History of low T in my late 30's and now at 42, my pre cycle T was @ 360... not bad but I didn't feel "good". I felt much better with a 125mg dose of test cyp 250 every week but then got all excited and cycled. Now I'm looking for a natural way to increase testosterone so I'm giving this product a run. I'm also looking for something that will help with libido after my deca run. It's improved to a point but I could still stop right in the middle of certain activities with the wife and go make a sandwich instead.

    An interesting point... during and right after my 8 week PCT, I was ready to swallow Drano after some of my workouts. I thought I'd never get my strength back and everything I gained was gone. Well, that's not the case. I dialed in my diet and started eating at about 1000 calories over maintenance on weekdays/workout days. Everything was clean, 40%/40%/20% and it seems to be working. I like to measure my strength by flat bench dumbbell press weight and I keep track of the last 2 out of 5 sets. Only for two periods of time have I pushed the 100's and the first was on a S4/MK-2866/GW run and the other was during my test/deca cycle. For the last three chest days, I finished with the 100's and I see progress. First time was an added set so on set #6 I pressed them only 4 times but clean. Next workout I finished on set #5 with 7 reps with one shitty rep included and the last time I used them on sets #4 & #5 both for 6 reps. I was not pleased with my form on set #4 as I didn't feel that I went low enough so I thought what would 44 do? So besides picking up 150's or whatever the largest dumbbells in the gym are, I grabbed the 100's again and pushed out 6 super low, clean reps. I'm on absolutely nothing but clean food right now and strength is up everywhere.

    So there's a little history, logging will start tomorrow.
    Am I missing anything that should be included in the log? Am I adding too much?
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    everything looks great brother... im really looking forward to this!

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    In to follow. We have similar experiences with recovery after pct. will be interesting to see your results post CT!!

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    Lol... What would that damn 44 do? I heard he's a tad bit kwazy in the gym. All in baby, we live and die a little bit every day. Live like a warrior and die as one as well. Kill Shit brother.

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    Awesome bro! I'll be following!

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    Pretty jealous mine hasn't gotten here yet...

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    Day 1


    Age - 42
    Weight - 207.5 lbs
    Height - 5' 8"
    BF - around 20% based on pic posted on isarms

    Goal - increase testosterone without steroids while documenting the effects of POST CT with blood work to verify results

    Calorie intake - 3129
    Protein - 305 grams
    Carbs - 297 grams
    Fat - 73 grams

    40 oz grilled chicken breast, 5 jumbo eggs, 6 cups Carolina Basmati rice, 1 tablespoon olive oil

    I don't know about you guys but I marinate my chicken in a little olive oil and white wine with lots of lemon juice... I just can't get it down if it's totally bland. I measured the marinade before and after the chicken soaked it up. I believe the absorption is negligible based on what cooks out on the grill. Should I be adding calories because of the marinade? Anyone else do this?

    Today's eating schedule is a mess due to my blood work which required fasting for 12 hours followed by another appointment. I wasn't able to start eating until about 1:30 this afternoon... only 1/3 through my required calories for the day right now. I was eating at a large surplus but with the increase in strength, I noticed that BF has increased as well. I just don't have the muscle mass at this point to make use of a 1000 calorie surplus. I'm going to eat at what I believe to be maintenance and gauge the impact on strength for a week.

    First dose of POST CT taken at 2:15, no upset stomach or any other notable issues. Capsules are not too large like some of the horse pills out there.

    Workout -

    The plan is to work back and maybe biceps tonight. Not sure if this will be a time under tension back workout or a heavy night... it will depend on how I feel after my first set of lat pull downs. Last week, I added wide grip pull ups to my routine mostly because my wife wanted to try them. Let me tell you, all the pride I had in my back strength is out the window. I couldn't do one unassisted pull up (wide grip palms facing away). I've always done close grip with palms facing me so this will be a good gauge of growth. I'll post workout results after the gym.

    (Edit: gym results) Back workout -

    Wide grip lat pulldowns; 90 x 15, 105 x 12, 120 x 12, 135 x 10 + 90 x 10 ends of bar grip, 150 x 8 + 90 x 10 ends of bar grip
    Seated rows close grip; 105 x 18, 120 x 12, 135 x 12, 150 x 10, 165 x 8
    Medium grip Lat pulldowns; 90 x 15, 105 x 12, 120 x 12, 135 x 10, 150 x10, 165 x 7
    Close grip lat pulldowns; 75 x 15, 90 x 12, 105 x 12, 120 x 10, 135 x 8
    Assisted pullups; 5 sets x 11 - 12 reps with 110lbs to counter my fat ass, some improvement but this is only the send attempt at this exercise.

    Overall, it was good workout but not one of those "I killed shit" nights which I attribute to the lack of food today. Strength was there but I didn't have the intensity I like to put into my workouts. Regardless, I'm miles from the PCT low point and just about as strong as when I was on cycle which tells me that the gains stuck to some extent.

    General well being -

    I feel ok except for the torn tendon in my foot so this log will not have much in the way of leg workouts... this sucks ass since legs were my strongest muscle group. I used to hit legs twice a week and was repping 315 x 10 for deads pretty easily... I pick up the bar and put it down, I don't drop it. Sleep is a bit sketchy at the moment due to stress at work, my pending foot surgery and general life bullshit. I hope that POST CT will get me into the testosterone range I was in when I felt great (about nine months ago). That may be asking a lot out of a natural product but I'm going to give it a try.

    Time to eat again!

    Damn... forgot some good info. Had blood pressure taken today, 112 over 72 which is the first since my long cycle of test/deca. It's actually the best I've had in years. Must have been my day off from work and almost falling asleep in the waiting room.

    Also, I will be posting about one year of blood work as soon as I receive the results from today.
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    i cook my chicken in olive oil too but its mixed with many vegetables and parsley and onion powder then i add a serving of low fat veganese to it and its amazing but yes, even I cant eat it completely bland

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    I went through a long period where I ate my oven baked chicken 3 times a day bland as fuck... no seasoning, nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNewKing View Post
    I went through a long period where I ate my oven baked chicken 3 times a day bland as fuck... no seasoning, nothing
    Sounds like my 99% lean ground turkey days. There's nothing you can do to make it taste good so just eat it as is. I hate those days but if the organic turkey is on sale, you gotta buy it. Protein to $ ratio... always wins.

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