Hey guys, just made this and deleted it, time to retype

So what I'm doing here s trying to emulate Tren, for people who can't use Tren for any reason, this is gonna be a little rushed because I already went through it all once haha

Ok here we go
NPP 300-400mg per week, more if experienced- here are some similarities to start with, Increased IGF-1 Production, Increased Nitrogen Retention, Increased Protein Synthesis, Increased Red Blood Cell Count.
NPP is a fast acting mass builder, not watery so it can be called either a lean bulking or cutting steroid, it's not quite Tren yet though

LDG-4033 10mg ed- First thing we need to do is increase dry hard mass, and LDG if gonna be the best choice for that, people also say it gets them pumped and ready to train, but LDGs input here is gonna be simple, help build muscle, keen it dry

S4 25mgx2 a day- this is how it's all gonna come together, now we're shredding fat, full of energy and still making some added gains, there's a reason this is Dylan from Isarms favorite sarm, it's because it does everything, now the combo is 3, hard, dry muscle builders, each make you massively stronger by themselves, s4 is gonna give the veiny, grainy look, NPP and LDG both make you look full all day, so at the very least the guys at gym with think you're on Tren.

There's a ton of Sarms you could add to make it closed, but I wanted it to be kept simple and affordable, MK2866 andRAD140 would fit in well, but the more you put it it stops being a tren imitator and it just becomes a cocktail of gains(Im not complaining)

Now we all know the sides of Tren, high blood pressure, crashed lipids, cholesterol, anxiety, paranioa, insomnia etc.

With this you might have to watch your BP a bit, and S4 needs to be dosed correctly, but for the main part it should be much, much easier on side effects.
The only added thing is GW, I wont run a cycle without it, and I'd say it'll cancel out most of the sides and this could be a really smooth way to make some serious gains

Ill be trying it to kick off my next blast in 5 weeks, 6-7 weeks of this before the real deal Tren, I dont like to go over 16 weeks of tren, and I'll be able to quote the difference after.
Obviously Ill be running test along with it, probably equal dos to NPP.

Feel free to tell me how you'd do it better or anything, or if you'd like to try it out.