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Thread: Input on SARMs sites

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    Input on SARMs sites

    Looking for input on a few SARMs sites I tried. Gave me some mild results for first time cycle. Looking to purchase more in about 6 weeks. Looking to increase cycle length and quantity, just don’t want to spend a ton of money at a BS site.

    Sites used: Proven Peptides & Sarms4you.

    Any suggestions on a good supplier would be great!


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    ESARMS which is affiliated with this site will be open soon. With Dylan’s seal of approval you know it will be top notch gear....

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    Both scams, stay away.

    A high quality SARM sponsor will be on this forums soon. The best SARMS on the market 100%.

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    “taz10” for 10% off
    PM for link to order

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    sarms4you is a KNOWN chinese scam site and you can easily do a search on proven peptides and see all the problems people have had.. ESARMS will be a new site sponsor soon and there are currently logs going as well where you can follow and see results...

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    anytime bro

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