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Thread: I ran LGD 4033 for 12 weeks at 19 years old. Will I be ok?

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    I ran LGD 4033 for 12 weeks at 19 years old. Will I be ok?

    Hey all, It's been 2 months since I finished my 12 week cycle of LGD 4033. I ran 7.5mg capsules (from maxmusclelabs) for 10 weeks and then 15mg for the last 2 weeks. I felt horrible throughout all of the cycle, probably symptoms of low test. Note: I ran 6 weeks of tongkat ali during the cycle, it helped a little. When I was cycling LGD I would sleep all day because I was so lethargic, I was so pleased to finally be over with the cycle. My testicles reduced to 30% of their original size.
    Right after I took 50mg Clomid for a month and half straight because I was really worried I have done permanent damage to my HPTA as Im young. My testicles became 100% during the PCT however once I stopped, its been a month now (Since PCT ended) and they are about 65% of their normal size before the Cycle. I however feel good and normal but maybe because I'm running aromasin atm just for mental/libido effects, it's been 10 days on aromasin, I don't believe it causes HPTA suppression.
    So will my testicles go back to their original size?? What should I do?
    Running a cycle at my age was stupid I admit, I was impulsive and desperate for a change which backstabbed me for 12 weeks and maybe even forever.
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