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Thread: I'm fucked.....pip led to infection.

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    I'm fucked.....pip led to infection.

    Well my pip in my leg has turned into an infection, dr . Worries I may be going very clean when I pin so I don't know wtf happened, say a prayer or 2 or some good mojo my way brothers it's off to the E.R. I go by way of urgent care. WTF.

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    Been there too my brother. If they catch in time some antibiotics will take care of it. I talked about this previously. You will be fine. Best of luck.

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    Best of luck, and get better soon.

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    Good luck my man. Antibiotics take care of it.

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    Good luck Koda

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    Good luck brother

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    good luck bro

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    Sent home with antibiotics and pain meds, walking is a bitch, swelling already went down since antibiotic injection last night. Appreciate the kind words. Now I'm upset I might miss shoulder day today!

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    I started a bold cyp cycle and I had the worse pip especially in the ass and quads. Left quad was hot and sore for 2 weeks with a bad limp for a week. I thought I had a infection and road it out. Did you have a temp that made u concerned, what was the reason to go to ER

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    get rested and get yourself better bro

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