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Thread: I finally did it!

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    I finally did it!

    Well friends, I've finally hit the 22.25inch mark on the arms! I'm almost to my goal of 24's! My arms were my weakness when I first started training. I do arms about 3-4x a week HARD. Just because I purely enjoy it. I started training with around 14.5inch arms. In 6 years I've gained insane size. Heavy skull crushers, dips, barbell curls, and dumbbell curls have been my main go to arm workouts. I measured them Flexed about 2 hours after arm day. I hope you all continue to shoot for what you want and succeed!!! Nothing is impossible.


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    Congratz, lookin swole AF

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    Damn bro! Looking massive!

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    Nice work, Glad your not in undies in this pic!!!

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    Hell yea bro

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    Y'all love my undies :* xoxox thanks everyone


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    And the reason the lighting looks weird is because I have some cool lights in my room i can change color. Red, blue, green, etc...


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    That's an impressive arm. Love seeing progress towards our goals, you've definitely come a long way from 14.5 wow.

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    Dam,I guess 3-4 a week will do the job ! That's good dedication bro, good stuff

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    I never believed in over training. Just under eating and under sleeping.


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