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Thread: Iím sick

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    Iím sick

    Hey guys. This has nothing to do with sarms or with steroids. Itís just a general question because Iím concerned.
    I have been sick the past 5 days. Itís my stomach. I have not been able to train at all or to eat properly.
    I am feeling flat as hell, tired as hell, weak as hell, & worst of all, Iíve lost 6lbs.
    Iím a really anxious guy so Iím not feeling optimistic about this. Iím really worried Iíve lost some size.
    How long should it take (once Iím better) to regain the weight & strength that Iíve lost? Is it possible that Iíve actually lost size?

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    Are you on a cycle? I recommend you go see a doctor.

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    no human can answer that question

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    Doctor time Mr. Steel. Take care of yourself....

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    Been there done that man. IN MY EXPERIENCE(i was out 1 week both times) 1st week back is kinda blah but by then you'll have regained all ur muscle glycogen, water etc and be mostly good as new come week 2 back

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    See a doctor, but yeah, you gain losses right back.

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    Iím not on a cycle guys

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    Ha dude thatís what happens when your sick your body is in the worst state possible the last thing itís concerwnd about is keeping gains lol donít really even under stand your question.

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