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Thread: Eye Floaters and SARMS

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    Eye Floaters and SARMS

    about two weeks into my S4, Rad140 and Cardanine stack. Lower dosages. But starter joticing the yellow about 3-4 days ago but the last two mornings I have had black larger eye floaters when waking up in the morning. Not until I started getting in the day light did they go away. Is the S4? It’s very concerning as I haven’t heard much talk of it. Thank you!

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    I’m only at 40mg.

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    Maybe floaters is the wrong term. Just read someone else talking about dark areas in their vision when they wake.

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    its the s4 and im sure you already know that.. yes, its possible... some people get it worse than others and some barely get it at all

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    Where did u get ur source from?

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    It's the S4- it happens when you wake up because you had your eyes closed and so its dark. I never had yellow tint on S4, but I had similar to what you describe.

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