S4 Dosing Protocol:


This is a method that I have developed over several years of use, implementation and study of the effects of S4. Accurately gauging the individucal response to the binding to the eye receptor S4 can cause is virtually impossible as it is variant from person to person. There is a way to ensure that, although, there are different responses from person to person, mitigation is possible and assurance of a longer and less side effect riddled cycle can be obtained.

As most of you know, the common side effect associated with S4 is the night vision issue. This results in one of two or both of these issues: A yellow tint associated with vision at night and/or a hard time adjusting to darkness or light. Generally, the adjustment period is rapid but can effect some far worse than others. S4 can bind to the receptor in the eye causing these problems. UNDERSTANDING that it is IMPOSSIBLE to know if this will happen to you and at what dosage this may happen is integral. A dose of 50 mg is the general starting spot for dosing. Some users will experience the vision issue immediately even at this moderate dose. Some are able to raise their dose up to 100 mg a day with very minimal issue. There is no way to tell what category you fall into until you try. The vision issue is not permanent and the half life on S4 is very short (around 4-6 hours). Some people are forced to go to dosing S4 for 5 days and then taking 2 off because they are unable to handle the vision issue. It is important to try to avoid this as much as possible as one does not want to miss any days of use however if necessary, S4 can still be effectively utilized with this method.

It is extremely important to understand HOW to dose S4 properly. Many are content to stay at 50 mg per day on an 8-12 week cycle. Others prefer to increase the dosage to get even more out of S4 but it is extremely important to follow this specific protocol to ensure that vision issues are kept to a minimum.

I compare this protocol to fighting Mike Tyson on Mike Tyson's punchout on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. If anyone has ever played the game they will appreciate this comparison. When you fight Mike Tyson, the first 1:20 seconds of round 1, if you are hit just one time you are knocked down. This is the danger zone. Once you get past that first 1:20 you are much safer but you still must proceed with caution because there is still danger to avoid.

The same can be said with S4 use. You need to start the first 2 weeks of S4 use at no more than 50 mg per day, regardless of your experience of use. After the initial 2 weeks, if minimal to no vision side effects are experienced it is safe to increase the dosage but with care and caution. After two weeks you can raise the dosing to 60 mg per day. This is a “testing of the waters” to see your body response. It is best to stay at this dose for 10-14 days before considering another increase. If you are able after this amount of time, attempt to raise to 70 mg per day. If you are able to stay between 70-80 mg per day, you have reached a sweet spot zone. Ideally, 100 mg is the optimal dose but 70-80 mg is going to be perfect for many. Continuing to increase after 10-14 days is the best method. A user should never exceed 100 mg per day of S4. Every increase made throughout the cycle needs to be done cautiously and monitored closely. Some are far luckier than others in terms of experiencing a binding to the eye receptor that can cause the issues. Generally, when an issue arises, it is very tolerable and users are able to continue forward. This is variant from person to person and should be done with precision and caution. ONE SHOULD NEVER BE IN A RUSH to increase dosage. Following this protocol will be the safest and MOST EFFECTIVE way of dosing S4.