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Thread: How many Deca vials for 1 cycle

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    How many Deca vials for 1 cycle

    Hi. I plan to do 500mg test + 400mg deca/week. This sound good?

    How many vials of deca should I get for 1 cycle? Don't worry about the test.


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    Impossible to answer. Depends on what mg the Deca is dose at and the duration of your cycle. It's very simple math.

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    Thanks. Ill figure it out!

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    Yeah definitely have to know how many mg per ml and how many ml's your bottle is. just say you had 200 mg a ml and a 10 ml bottle. That would be 200mg x10 ml = 2,000 mg per 10ml bottle. Divided by 400 mg a week 2,000/400 = 5 weeks for 1 bottle.

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    If you figured out how to dose your test then you can figure out how to dose the Deca once you source it and know how it's dosed.

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    Depends on the source, concentration etc.

    Biotech has 20ml vials of deca at 250 per ml so you could basically run a whole cycle out of one vial

    Hit me up if you need a price list

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    clearly noone can answer that without knowing the concentration level

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