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Thread: How long after stopping MK677 does it take to lose the water?

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    How long after stopping MK677 does it take to lose the water?

    I stopped MK 677 about 4 days ago. For me it wasn't a great experience. I didn't really notice any positive effects. I honestly feel like I got fatter, even though I didn't get the crazy hunger increase that many experience, hence I didn't increase calories. I realise this may just be water and not fat. Whichever the case, I look like shit so I've stopped. One question, how long does it take to lose the water? Some of my shoes are so unbelievably tight still so I know I haven't lost any water yet. Any idea how long it takes?

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    I tell this to everyone as I do with HGH. It's a marathon not a sprint. Start super low with the dosage and increase over time every month or so and run it indefinitely. It's not a compound you hit it hard and fast with and expect results.

    Your diet is probably shitty and your dosage is too high obviously.

    As far as losing the water it won't stay forever give it a couple of weeks.

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    where did you get it from?

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    My diet didn't change at all and I was only taking 10mg per day. In any case, it's been another couple of days now and I am starting to notice myself drying out and looking better. Dylan, Sydney Sarms is the name of the company.

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    10mg is a low dosage. How bad is the water retention? Are your ankles swollen around the elastic of your socks?

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    I can't say that I noticed my ankles any worse than other areas. The difference in my feet was huge. Some of my shoes became so tight to the point my toes have skin off them from rubbing. I just honestly felt and looked fatter. It's been almost a week now since I stopped and in the past couple of days I've just noticed myself starting to look a bit better, a bit leaner.

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    How long were you on the MK-677?

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    It was about 10 weeks.

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    Water retention in the beginning is fairly common but it shouldn't be an issue 10 weeks in especially at such a low dosage.

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    Not familiar with that source

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