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Thread: How to come down from 30% Body Fat

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    How to come down from 30% Body Fat


    I'm 18, 158lbs, been on on the Ketogenic diet for a year, and come down from 34% body fat to 30%. I'm looking to speed things up a bit with an end goal of around 15% (I just really want to see my abs and be defined all around). I'm pretty strict with my diet but willing to manipulate it to get down there and build muscle. I looked into SARMS, particularly S-4 and Cardarine.

    What would you guys suggest I do both diet wise and SARMS wise to get down to 15%. I'm not looking to do any steroids but think SARMS are the quickest option while not damaging my health. I also don't want to be on SARMS for life, just to get down to my goal.

    Thanks guys!

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    at 18 years old, you need to do nothing but work on your training and diet... brother, i LOVE the fact you want to get this under control but first, stop the keto shit... its not sustainable and clearly if you have only come down 4% being that high, its not working... you should be able to drop fat rather quickly to start being that high... you will hit a wall eventually, where you will simply have to adjust things but you are too young to be using any sarm bro... noone is going to advise you to do something like that for at least 2 years...

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    Any suggestions on what I should do to change it up? I've just done so much research and everyoen contradicts everyone. Everytime I've restricted calories I end up just loosing muscle and very little fat. Whenever I eat more, I gain a little muscle and a little fat at the same time which doesn't take my total bf down. I just don't know what to do man.

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    go with 505-55% protein, 30-35% carbs and 10-15% fats...

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    Excess or deficit of calories?

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    deficit by 250

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    Wouldn't Cardarine aid the process a bit?

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    ok im done... you clearly are not listening... good luck im done, I DONT HAVE time to waste on people that are not listening... good luck

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    Bro, I've been there, I used to be overweight, I know how it feels, I know that you want to lose it fast, but it aint happening, and it aint the right mindstet if you want any long term success..
    Fat loss takes time, and you have to do it right.
    But you really have to listen, and be patient, because a quick fix, using this or that won't give you any long time success.
    You need to build good habits and change your lifestyle, because if you are not consitent then you won't have any sustainable resluts.
    I don't know what else to say, but please listen more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timepeak View Post
    Wouldn't Cardarine aid the process a bit?
    we'll give you a hint. Dylan does 80 minutes of cardio a day.

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