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Thread: hospitalized, creatine kinase question

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    hospitalized, creatine kinase question

    hello i am currently on cycle 700 my deca 500 mg test cyp per week. i was hospitalized 2 days ago, went in for chest pain ended up having a heart rate of 130, blood pressure 180/90 and a slightly high level of cardiac enzymes which is basically suggesting stress on my heart.

    all of that is now under control but they want to keep me because of my creatine kinase levels. apparently they were just over 2000 when I came in and now they’re just over 1000. doctors know i’m on aas but they don’t seem to understand anything about it. they were blaming all of this on one redbull I had but I really think it’s probably the steroids over a fucking redbull

    so now to the actual question, creatine kinase is created from muscle breakdown and apparently my body is having a hard time processing it all because there is so much. is it normal to have these levels elevated just be being on aas? I can’t find anything online about normal range on aas. I know that levels over 5000 are critical but is 1000-2000 to be expected on aas?

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    Mine have never been that high on cycle but will be elevated. They can do more blood tests to determine if it's muscle passing or actual stress on your kidneys. Also if you had just worked out hard and went in they will be quite elevated. Not sure about what the normal on or off aas is right off hand.

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    The only articles I found related to it was a person using tren and it was damage to cardiac muscle. The other says using aas will cause ones ability to work out longer and more intense so the elevated CK is expected. Good luck Brother.

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    I would expect elevated CK as well since you have probably.been working out harder and longer. Good luck.

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    its normal for them to be elevated but not to that extent bro...

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    That is not simple elevated CK, that's rhabdomyolysis levels. Hope the best for you bro.

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