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Thread: High potassium levels

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    High potassium levels

    Hi Dylan just a question regarding a cycle i recently done.First of all thanks for the educational you tube videos .low dose all the way something ive learnt from your test video and using too much before..Heres my question be grateful if you could get back to me.Recently did a test and deca cycle under a gram a week had my blood work done 4 months into cycle and all results were fine with in normal range like red blood cell count. Plate let count etc.started using 20 to 30 mg a day of alpha zeneca brand dianabol.which i found very strong water retention was hugh so took nolvadex which i was on anyway.with in 2 to 3 weeks of taking the d bol was also running 400 g deca 350mg test same time i started to get heart palpitations and numb arm.went to doctors done full blood work again my potassium levels were high causing the heart palpitations .my red blood cell count had gone out of the normal range and so did my platelet count .i increased my protein shakes from 3 to 5 a day wen i started taking the d bol .i had one of them shakes half way through the night which i never normally do but wanted to grow more on d bol.the protein had no patassium in it .i was only taking about 220 gram of protein a day im 230 pounds .Is it likely the high potassium levels were caused by the dbol stressing the kidneys out too much ? Or it was the extra two shakes a day i had ? Ive had d bol before original stuff n never had heart palpitations from it .my liver values were perfect as i took milk thistle etc my kidney function is ok but high urea .as soon as i stopped takin the dbol and the extra shake at night the palpitations stopped .i also felt sick at night wen on the dbol.ive had protein shakes through the night since and have been fine no palpitations so feel the d bol had in some way stressed my kidneys out so they couldn't filter the potassium properly .never had any of these problems on deca and test .is it likely to b the dbol caused it cus ive never heard of it before and lookin at the blood work ive never heard of dbol putting red blood cell count out of range though i know orals do to ur platelet count increase them .i thought it was equipoise n nap 50s that significantly increase rbc but then again ive read dbol is a tablet version of equipoise if you google it .never had this with dbol before have you come across it ?
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    Kidney disease is the most common cause of hyperkalemia. ... Diseases that lower the production of this hormone, such as Addison's disease, can lead to hyperkalemia. Too much potassium in the diet can also contribute to higher levels in your blood, especially if your kidneys don't work well or you take certain medicines.

    too high of levels of potassium can cause the palpitations so that likely was the cause... i dont know exactly what caused the high values man, it could be a number of things...

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    Is dianabol toxic to the kidneys ? I know it is to the liver.and if it is is their anything i could take to reduce the kidney toxity?

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    Thanks for reply but my kidney function was normal on lab tests so the dbol must of raised potassium some how dont know why not on a high potassium diet

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    Any one else had high potassium levels using dbol ?

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    if you dont know that dbol is toxic to the kidneys you have no business using steroids whatsoever... its a toxic oral steroid...

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    Brother, virtually every anabolic steroid will increase rbc somewhat unless you’re talking about maybe masteron or something. Dbol is one of the top few. EQ is the most significant but as you said, EQ was created to be an injectable dbol but turned out to behave a bit differently. Nonetheless they both raise rbc a lot.

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