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Thread: HGH brands

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    HGH brands

    Just ordered and received about 1-2 months worth of Genotropin. Is this a good HGH brand? Or should I switch to another brand if money is no issue.

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    HGH brands

    The only way to tell if its legit is getting some numbers ran. But is this a good brand?
    Of course it is! Top brand for sure you will love this stuff. Are you just trying to rehab an injury or something? Youre going to want more than just 1-2 months worth.

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    Its definitely legit, I got it from a reliable source. I?ve just heard that human trope might be better so I was considering switching to that brand for month #2 and #3 etc. what do you think?

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    Does Genotropin and humantrop have generally the same positive effects?

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    It's legit brand for sure.

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    They are both very good. I personally have had bad luck with Humatrope and Genotropin From Greece and Turkey. I have run across counterfeits often but the Genos and Humatrope from everywhere else in the world has proven to be very good.

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    All hgh will have the same/similar results it?s the quality that matters. If you are talking genotropin like the Pfizer pens yes quality stuff.

    My buddy loves Hunatrope too.

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    Humatrope i mean

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    its a great brand as long as you have quality

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    Quality is everything with hgh. I've been using EUtropin from 1 stop domestic shop and it's been excellent

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