I've been off the board a few years (probably 3). Been some interesting times.

Skipping all the history, I'm now on TRT at 100mg a week subq. Just did my first 4 weeks of bloods, test was 915 (from 190), and as I expected, e level was high (46)

I've found through all my SARMS cycles, etc, I feel better in the mid 30s. In the middle 40's has never felt good to me.

So contacted my doctor, and she wont even discuss AI's. (But its nice to have pharma test)

So from back then, we were all discussing AI's on TRT and SARMS cycles (when needed) and I still have to some aromasin, tomaxifen(sp?) and exemestane, and I guess I'll have to self administer.

Reason I'm posting, is I saw a recent post where you recommended Diindolylmethane instead of an AI now?