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Thread: Hey Dylan! (or anyone actually)

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    can you give me a benchmark to start at then for TRT, and I'll retake bloods in 4 weeks again. I dont need to knock it down much, but dont wanna crash it, I did that once, and never again. I have aromasin, and tamoxifen stashed away.

    Everything is based on bloodwork not guess work

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    Everything is based on bloodwork not guess work
    Agreed blood work is essential. Later on down the road with experience you kind of know what's going on but should always get blood work regularly.

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    You should never need an AI on TRT. I would honestly try lowering your test dose so you are still in the normal range but e2 gets down a bit. The other thing you can do is try injecting more frequently. Daily is best but even EOD will make a big difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasonicBodybuilder View Post
    You should never need an AI on TRT.
    In a perfect world don't we all wish. I have a client that needs an AI on only 100mg of Test Cyp a week. Blood work at 600. Most won't need an AI but there are some that do. Injecting more frequently can help I totally agree with that but most won't want to.

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    He?s doing subq so frequency should be an issue and agree maybe dose eod or ed

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