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    Help Mr.Gemelli!

    Hey Mr.Gemelli,

    Big fan.

    I have a few questions. I am new to SARMs and would like to do a cycle for some real bulking results. (never taken anything before, ever. I am 24)

    What stack should I do?

    What are the protocols for during stack PCT, and after stack PCT? (Dosages, times, etc.)

    Can I get pure powders? or should I go for liquids? I am tight on funds, so I don't know if this is sacrificing quality, safety, or absorbability.

    Any other details/info would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW - are there any forseeable side effects? anything long lasting that will not go away on its own? Any interactions with caffeine or adderall too? I have ADD, and take pre-workout.

    Also any reputable sources to get powders from? I have heard that Choice compounds is a good one.
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