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Thread: Help me build a cut plan

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    Help me build a cut plan

    Ok guys. I?m gonna try to do a serious cut which I?ve never really done aggressively.
    Here is what I have on hand. I?m open to suggestions and have funds to get whatever I need.
    Help me build a plan.

    TRT 50mg EOD


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    are you wanting to use a combination of sarms and aas? You really dont need any aas for a big cut...

    what other compounds have you ran in the past?

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    What are your stats and goals besides an aggressive cut?

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    I?m rather not use any AAS other than TRT. But open to suggestions.
    My stats are 6?1 234lbs 17-18% BF. 42yrs old.
    My goals are to get below 14% bf and hold on to muscle. I?ve tried to cut before but loose strength and size very quickly and quit cutting. Hoping I can come up with stack to prevent than. My weakness like most is diet, mostly large appetite.

    I lift 6 days a week, cardio 25-35 min a day currently.

    I?ve ran Test, GW, RAD, LDG, EQ, primo, NPP, Tbol

    Last cycle was below. I went from 227 to 238lbs in 8 weeks. I?m down to 234lbs now. My appetite was insane with this, thinking the NPP was cause.
    Test 200mg
    NPP 250mg
    Ldg 10mg
    Rad 20mg
    Gw 20mg

    Here is what I was thinking for this cut.
    Test 200mg
    GW 20mg
    Mk2866 25mg bump you 50mg week 2
    RAD 20mg
    Phentermine first 4 weeks to help with appetite

    Is there anything else I can add to help hold muscle as calorie deficits increase?
    Thank you guys!!!

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    S4, s23 and mk2866 would be great options imo, is the place to go for the best! Others might feel differently and sarms stack great with test

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    I forgot to mention S4. I?ve used it and side effects on vision really bad with me.
    Not comfortable with S23 yet.
    Definitely gonna have the Mk2866 in there.
    Thanks for reply.

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    drop the phentermine bro... i really do not like to see anyone using that unless they medically need it

    for sarms on this cut, i would go with gw, sr9009, mk2866 and rad140 unless your comfort level is there with yk11, then i would HIGHLY recommend that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energy08 View Post
    I forgot to mention S4. I?ve used it and side effects on vision really bad with me.
    Not comfortable with S23 yet.
    Definitely gonna have the Mk2866 in there.
    Thanks for reply.
    For sure , sadly some get it some dont, atleast its temporary, I do love the stack Dylan laid out for you, I ran that for my first stack and my strength gains shot way up in 12 weeks and I wasnt even trying to put on size but I did somehow lol, either way it was and awesome cycle, rad is one of my all time favorites, I dont get greedy so for me I dont need the best or strongest i need what's going to work for my goals and what I feel comfortable with, so that's the exact stack I ran and I was hitting pr every week, I can say no doubt even with out trying you will just randomly do a weight or lift you've done 1000 times and it just magically feels like a feather lol, Dylan knows how strong i got over 12 weeks especially back shoulders and leg lifts

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    You can cut on something much more simple. GW and LGD is plenty to use while you cut.
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    So me personally i wouldnt touch your TRT dose. 50mg/EOD is essentially around 175mg/week so just leave it if it has you in the normal healthy range.

    From there I mean you are pinning every other day if funds allow I would look at running primobolan stacked with it. In addition you toss in Cardarine (gw501516), sr9009, and say a yk11/rad140 and that would be a mean stack.

    If you dont want to add anything else injectable (which again you are dosing EOD and such small volume unless doing subq TRT you could easily add in the primobolan) then gw, sr, mk2866, rad140/yk11.

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