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    Help with Bloodwork results


    Age: 24 (turn 25 in a couple months)
    Height: 5ft 9in
    Weight: 170lbs
    BF %: 14%
    Cycle history: Zero steroid cycles (planned on waiting till I was 25), but I have ran 1 light sarm cycle a few years ago (mk2866 and GW) bought through this forum.

    All in all Im a pretty healthy guy. Ive played athletics all my life and played college football at a pretty good D2 school. Now Im a welder and work in the field, so I have a pretty physically demanding job. I eat pretty decent and work out 3-4 days a week. But the last year or so Ive been pretty fatigued, everyday after work I come home and have to take a nap, whether my day was super hard or relatively easy. Ive also had a lower libido, I still can manage to get hard erections but they arent as solid as they used to be and on occasion they can be weaker. My dad and two older brothers all have Low T, So I decided it was probably time to get some bloodwork done just incase.

    Here were my results: results are fasted in the morning

    Testosterone, serum: 530 ng/dL
    Free Testosterone (direct): 17.4 pg/mL
    LH: 5.1 mIU/mL
    FSH: 2.2 mIU/mL
    Estradiol: 31.6 pg/mL

    With that being said I dont think my numbers are awful, my total T is slightly low for my age (I believe average is 690ish with 800 being optimal). But my Free T seems pretty decent. I talked with the clinic that did my blood work and they want to start me on TRT because my total T isnt optimal and is low for my age. What are your guys thoughts? Ideally I dont really want to start TRT right now if I dont have to, Im sure Ill probably have to start in my 30s at some point though. But I would like to get my levels to optimal high normal levels, especially if that means itll help me with fatigued/being tired all the time, lower libido, and overall well being.
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