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Thread: Headphones

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    What does everyone use? Give me some recommendations. Pros/cons of each. I've been doing some scanning but would appreciate some tips.

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    I cant stand my headphones I just got some cheap jvc ones with a fucking wire so any bench work the wire gets in my dumbbells or pulls out. I shouldn't be such a cheap ass and get some wireless ones but hey I just got rid of my Iphone4 for a damn galaxy so im a little behind the times haha but I do want some wireless just don't wanna spend the money on them. I have used some beats by dre but they are frickin huge so iono man

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    I use AIAIAI's
    Pros- Great base, very clear highs. Rubberized so theyre made to last.
    Cons- On-ear design makes them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Detachable cord wears out at connection point.
    Yet they ARE great headphones.

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    I've had the wireless plantronics for 3 years now. I like them especially since they were only $80. I couldn't bite the bullet and shell out $200 for beats. Only con is if you like to run they will come out occasionally. Luckily I hate running.

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    Wow we've been through so many lol...
    I liked my lgs as I could turn volume up and down and change the track, and told me if the battery was high medium or dog chewed them so now can't control volume lol
    I had ifrogz..not very loud..can't control volume and doesn't tell you

    Right now I'm using a cheap ass pair (Bluetooth of course) paid $5 for them. Sound great, tells me I'm connected..doest tell me battery life and can't control volume but they work..brand mental beats

    Bigb had motorolla Bluetooth twice and his sweat killed them...
    I frogz doesn't withstand the washer

    I got him a new pair for Christmas not sure of the brand or his rating...I'll let him answer lol.

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    I've had in ear monitors (Shure E5's) that are awesome, E2's and E3's for less critical sound checks.

    My throw arounds though are a set of LG HBS800's. They are "ok " sounding, but if they get hurt, its not like losing a set of 400$ E5's.

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    Wireless Studio Beats are awesome. Tons of bass and very clear. I'm a musician and am picky when it comes to sound and I'm on my 2nd pair of Studio Beats. Long battery life, comfy for long periods of time, great sound.... and you can get some refurbished beats on Amazon for reasonable money.

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    I use Beats wireless in ear headphones.

    I love them. Great sound across the full range of sound.

    Only con is they can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

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    I'm on the fence for in/on ear. I have a hard time finding a pair for in ear that actually stay in while moving around. Or they'll start to hurt after 15 minutes or so.
    So I was debating a pair of on ear but never owned a paid. So I can't even imagine how the feel while lifting.
    But I definitely want to go wireless.

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    But so far thanks to everyone for the input. Keep them coming if you can. The more the better.

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