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Thread: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN: Share a memory thread!

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    Cool HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN: Share a memory thread!

    On this, 2017 Dylan day I would like to pay tribute to the guy who shakes off advice from idiots that could scare the shit out of a toilet, sleeps about as much as a pterodactyl on crystal meth, and still musters the elegance to help out.

    I have no idea how he does it. I’d sooner be a dog dewormer/ laxative tester/ horse inseminator than deal with the barrage of single digit IQ questions thrown at him.

    And he does it. Day in. Day out.


    My first memory of Dylan was coming across his videos online while doing some research work, came here to this awesome forum, and enjoyed the rest of these fine motherfuckers and all of their shenanigans

    That’s how I came to know Dylan. Just a stranger helping me out, another stranger.

    "And with a towering pillar of cloud by day he shall guide their way,
    with a towering pillar of fire by night he shall cast light on their path"
    / Book of Nehemiah; Old testament

    Nuff said.

    Thanks Sensei, and a happy birthday brother.
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    Dylan is a savior …plain and simple!!
    My first memory is Dylan setting me straight in the knick of time before I made the mistake of taking bunk products!!
    Ever since…. he has been the most supportive person I know and is ALWAYS looking out for mine as well as everyone else's well being!!

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    "I have no idea how he does it. I’d sooner be a dog dewormer/ laxative tester/ horse inseminator than deal with the barrage of single digit IQ questions thrown at him. " LMFAO! Yep, Dylan is a dedicated guy even though some people don't even deserve his attention/time he still tries to help out. In a sea of frauds, reckless fools, etc etc. Dylan's straight forward info is a breath of fresh air. Glad he invited me to this forum...

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    Dylan is a Godsend IMO. My first memory of him was a couple years back when I started researching AAS. It's when he was doing the TOPLESS videos for EVO. I followed him here to this awesome forum. I watch every you tube video religiously. If it weren't for people like him, and this great team on iSarms, I know without a doubt there would be a hell of a lot of dudes walking around with milk tits. Thanks Dylan for all you do brother and Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday Dylan!!!!

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    Happy b-day and enjoy the day! Us lunk heads should be able to manage ourselves one day out the year so get up, get out and enjoy the day.
    Hell, I can't think of our first interaction there's been so many, but what I do know is that early on I had a sense about him that he was going to achieve his goals and that he had a winners mentality. People with drive are easily recognizable. Even though I'm retired I get inspired here and there and Dylan has been the source of much of that from the lil' video reviews I do, to learning so much about compounds and how synergistic they are with others... all from my bro Dylan. He's a fucking machine and if you can muster a tenth of his go get it attitude you'll be a success. Sometimes I think the "D" in Dylan stands for Drive and Determination. Genuine bad assery master. #SlappinGrizzlies
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    Ah first memory of Dylan. Remember it like it was yesterday..standing in the porn aisle at Joe's blow n go..I got tapped on the shoulder by some Italian dude in a captain America shirt asking my opinion on the better porn flick- bodybuilding midgets pose off/fuck off, or tranny's gone wild 3.....I was like dude I gotta go..long story short he rented both and hopped on his moped and fired up a pin wheel n drove off into the sunset

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    I don't care who ya are….that's some funny shit right there….

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    Came across his videos a little over a year ago just about the same time I was ordering some capsulated sarms from some bs website. Thanks for saving my balls literally. Since then all I have done is learn and laugh and admire how much knowledge and patience this guy has. Thanks Dylan enjoy your day!

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    Happy Birthday Dylan! Hope you are having a great Day! 🎂

    It's never too late to reinvent yourself!

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