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Thread: Hair Loss/Regrowth after DHT Cycle

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    Hair Loss/Regrowth after DHT Cycle

    So I've noticed a bit of hair thinning after a DHT Cycle this summer. Full on MPB isn't in my family so it's not horrible, and not something I considered protecting against on cycle because of that, but I have noticed some thinning now.

    Question: will the hair regrow after stopping the cycle now? Or what's gone is gone? I know there are anti-dht shampoo's etc. I'm just trying to think of what may be left over and still detectable in my system.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Proviron, deca, and test cycle crushed mine. I had to start shaving my head.

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    Mine didn't after Tren. I keep it buzzed short now.

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    not likely to regrow man

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    I agree with Dylan on this.
    It's not likely to regrow, hair is very sensitive.

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    Man this is such a bad event.
    I am really afraid of this hair loss stuff, I don't want it. I have to keep care about it.

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