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Thread: Gyno symptom on cycle

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    Gyno symptom on cycle

    Hey I’m on a basic test and dbol cycle
    I’m noticing my nips are sensitive
    Using arimidex but I don’t think it’s helping

    If I used letrozole can I continue cycle and how long would I use letro for

    Thanks much appreciated

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    You really need bloodwork to know where your estrogen levels are at, but given how readily dbol aromatizes, you may need to increase your arimidex dosing while you are running it (or better yet, use aromasin instead). I don't recommend you use letrozole, as it will crush your estrogen, and that will be even worse.

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    Why would you jump straight to letro? Why not try and increase your dose of arimidex? Aromosin is much better for controlling estrogen I would Switch. Armpit will actually get rid of the gyno arimidex will only suppress it

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    NO you should not use letro whatsoever... you need to get bloodwork first so we can see how much aromasin you need... you "thinking" something is going to end up making the situation worse

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