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Thread: Gyno prevention

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    Gyno prevention


    Thank you for sharing so much knowledge in your videos.
    I'm 34 y/o and I'm from Spain.

    I recently viewed a few of your videos in your youtube channel, finding so much useful information.
    Last week I started my first cycle on EAA's.
    I used 250 mg of testo-e + 200 of boldenon, monday and thursday respectively.
    At this point, I'm at a crossroad since I have to stop the cycle due to an emergency upcoming trip next week.
    My cocern is, that I'm prone to gyno, as you said yourself in one of your videos about having steuggled during puberty.

    I've too struggled since puberty. Same reason why I started weight lifting around 10 yrs ago without being consistent. I recently came back, around a yr or so, and things are going well, but starting this cycle, as mentioned above, I've been fealing a slight pain or ake underneath both nipples.
    After watching your video about A.I.'s it came to my mind if I should use them?
    Maybe this will help prevent the formation of gyno or reducd it since I have a little bit of puffy nipples.
    I would really appreciate your help on this, as I'm starting to get desperate.

    Thank you for your time and, hope you are well.

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    good lord bro... why are you using steroids without knowing how to use them... you should be using an ai from the start... just stop using steroids now, just stop.. you dont know what you are doing and you are going to hurt yourself.. stop, run your pct and then research and learn on how to actually use them and then consider a cycle in the future once you actually understand how to go about it

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    You definitely should be using an ai bro ... I would just stop and do a lot more research before you mess with your body’s chemistry

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    please just stop bro, please... you have got to stop doing this without knowing what you are doing... this is not a game and not a "learn as you go" thing...

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    This is already a mess from the start. You always use an AI with test and aromatizing compounds. You really should just stop now and run pct. What do you have lined up for pct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRock View Post
    What do you have lined up for pct?
    Probably nothing

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    First of all, thank you fellas for replying to my post. As mentioned before, I've stopped the cycle after the first week.
    Reason being, as most of you are already aware, my knowledge on roids is just not enough. So I decided to research and learn more prior to continuing with it. Jp1957, you are right, I wasn't planning on taking any pct, reason being, was because as my "mentor" if you can call him that, said since it was my first time messing with roids, then they would probably have no effect on me.
    The pain or ake/weird feeling around my nipples stopped after the first week. Right immediately after I decided to stop administrating the compund. This guy told me to use hcg around the second week after ending the cycle, also nolvadex (tamoxifen), and proviron. Do you recommend a pct blood test/LH/FSH tests to be done?

    Now, I know it sounds dumb and naive, but please guys, before any criticism, I would really appreciate if you can share some of your knowledge. I don't know if any of you had any knowledge prior starting on steroids. Probably most did a lot of research but cero experience.
    I guess what I'm trying to state, is that we all start at some point, and is usually from the bottom.

    So it's obvious my knowledge on AAS's is just not enough. Same reason why I decided to email Dylan. I have been trying to research and learn more before deciding to start with this cycle again.
    The human body is just amazing and way to complex to fuck it up without any understanding of what's going on.

    Thanks again!!

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    i would recommend you stop considering doing and using anything until you are far more well versed.. .noone is going to spoon feed you info... i have so many videos and articles for you to watch and this forum is at your finger tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen, learn and contribute and you are always welcome to be a part of the family here... just stick around and continue to learn brother... at this current time, any sort of use is completely out of the question but that does not mean it will be in the future..

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    I will continue learning and def will watch the videos. But please, could you answer the above, should I run pct? Tests? Even though I'm new to this, I've already touched my chemistry, so I'm concerned of the effect it can have on my natural test production.

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    how long has you been running the cycle?

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