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Thread: Gyno or am I just freaking out?

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    Gyno or am I just freaking out?

    Hey guys,

    Been on 30mg/day MK-2866 for one week now. I went to failure on bench press today and noticed a small bruise on my middle/upper chest on my left pec. I do not have sore nipples or puffy nipples. Is there any chance this could be early signs of gyno? I have Clomid, Nolva, and aromasin on hand just in case. Would it hurt to take 6.25mg of aromasin or would this hurt me if my estrogen is actually at a normal level and this is just a bruise. Thanks in advance, lot of awesome information on this forum.

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    I’ll add that I have never bruised from benching before so that adds to the concern...

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    If there is bruising on your chest you most likely did a minor tear of the muscle you need to rest it and be very careful not to tear it worse

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    gyno would not be a bruise bro, not at all... dont start slamming aromasin or taking it with a non aromatizing sarm unless you KNOW FOR SURE you have elevated estrogen through bloodwork

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    Paranoid. Take it easy and it will go away soon

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    Bruising has absolutely nothing to do with gyno. Besides that, mk2866 doesn't aromatize to estrogen or cause gyno, assuming you have legit sarms

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