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    Gyno symptoms during Lgd 4033 is it okay to nolva during the cycle? What to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amack View Post
    Gyno symptoms during Lgd 4033 is it okay to nolva during the cycle? What to do?
    Where is your lgd from? This isnt a characteristic of lgd typically

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    Sarms for sale. I?m just getting puffyish nipples

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    Maybe from the suppression?

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    It could possibly be something else. Eater retention for example. What's your diet like?

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    Eating super clean. My sodium intake may be too high though

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    do you have bloodwork saying you have an estrogen issue because if not then you would need that before anything else... if you are eating too much sodium then you are more than likely holding water which could make you think you have an issue you dont really have

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    I would be cautious to just throw nolva in without knowing for sure what the cause is. I would play with sodium and diet first. SERMs definitely have some side effects.

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    Yea man I would say just go get bloods done if you can.

    LGD shouldnt cause that although there have been some cases where it can cause estrogen to rise so it could be but these instances are few and far between. If really nervous again get bloods and sarmsforsale has arimidex as it looks like their aromasin is out or could get from domestic supply to have handy.

    I have run LGD many times and have never had that results though.

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    Do you not have an AI on hand?

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