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Thread: Gym Opening May 7

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    Gym Opening May 7

    Well my gym opening May 7. I think we may be one of first states to open. Got to wear mask, stay 6 ft apart, and wipe down equipment. They are asking us to book one hour workouts in advance. I?m really happy about it.
    We actually took family out to dinner last night. Wasn?t bad at all. Tables spaced out and staff wore masks. I gave waiter a good tip and she seemed so appreciative. Looking forward to back to normal.

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    That's awesome! Hope it goes smoothly and we all can return to the gym and more normal lives again.

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    Those sound like some pretty good precautions. I don't think we are anywhere near opening up again. Probably months.
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    thats great

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    I?m jealous
    We are starting to open some business and restaurants.
    No gyms yet but I hope soon.
    I don?t plan to go out for anything besides groceries like we have been.
    But when gym opens it is game on. That I ready to risk.
    Good luck all

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    I?m just north of you so shouldn?t be long.

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    At least weather is great. So getting outside for a bike ride or anything else is awesome.

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    Our gyms opened yesterday...May 1st. I did my first workout today after been away from weights for over a month. It feels so good to be back!!

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    That's great to hear bro

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    That's awesome to hear bro. I dont see it happening here for a while. I'm thankful to have a nice home gym setup during this thing

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