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Thread: GW501516 Do I really have to take a break?

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    GW501516 Do I really have to take a break?

    Did 8weeks 20mg once in the morning without fail. I’m a beast. Feel like I’m just getting started tho. I’m a beast! Do I really need to come off it for 4-6weeks? I’m just starting to get diced. This Barista is giving me free drinks and everything. Can’t I stay on it just long enough to get her number?

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    Assess things at 12 weeks but I usually do 16 weeks take 4-6 weeks off and hit it again. It's non hormonal.

    We don't need to know about your personal life bro...

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    Ok, good info thanks so much.
    Ps. she’s cute asf😝

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    yes, you need a break unless you want to desensitize to it and it will just stop working... probably would not want that to occur right...

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    Right, that would be bad. I’m not trying to get desensitized. Easy enough. I just chill off it till round New years

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    very wise decision bro

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    Just like anything in life, a break is necessary otherwise your body won't respond good to it. Cheers.

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