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Thread: GW and Osta log

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    GW and Osta log

    Starting on Monday March 23rd I will be running my first ever SARMS cycle. I've ran GW in the past but since its not a sarm, it doesn't count! This isn't sponsored by I have bought all products and it will be 100% unbiased on how I feel and progress.

    Overall goals for this 3 month cycle is to cut fat and gain some strength. I'd like to lose 50 lbs but will be happy with maybe 30 if this pandemic does not get in the way too much. I have resistance bands at home that I will use while the gyms are closed and after they open up I will start cycling on a peloton for maximum benefit of GW.

    I'm really excited for my first cycle and ready to see what gains (and losses) I can achieve.

    26, 6ft 2, 250 lbs

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    Following. Hope you get good results!

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    excellent brother! really looking forward to your results!

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    Thank you for doing this log. We cannot wait to see your results!

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    Following brother. Interested in seeing how it goes for you

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    Thanks for all the support. I'm counting down the days to dose 1.

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    absolutely bro, we'll be here the entire way supporting you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmericanNuke View Post
    Thanks for all the support. I'm counting down the days to dose 1.
    You have our support!

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    So quick update before I take my first dose tonight. My schedule is different then most, my mondays always start sunday night since i work all night and into the morning. So that means theres about 13 hours before I start and I'm beyond excited.

    Now lets talk about my goals for this. I'm doing this to cut weight but I also want to take advantage of the strength gains. I know I shouldn't expect huge number gains but I can simplify it enough. I have resistance bands that are super stout. And my ultimate goal is to go up one band size on chest press. The band I'm currently using offers 160+ lbs of resistance and I can go for 15+ reps using it. Its 25 lbs below my max bench press which was 185. Next band above that offers 240+ lbs of resistance and I can actually do 3 reps on it give or take. I know expecting an 80 lbs increase with osta might be shooting for a different galaxy but hell its worth a shot. I will try to give updates every few days and will give a bigger update in a week or 2 when I think the osta has kicked in.

    I'm going to try and make it as in depth as possible and filled with information so others trying to cut or newbies to sarms like me can see what to expect. I will post my next update in a few days and see how I'm feeling.

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    its always good to have high goals brother! thanks for posting all this info and good luck!

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