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Thread: Guess My BF Percentage! Pictures!

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    Talking Guess My BF Percentage! Pictures!

    I am looking for everones input as to what they think my body fat percentage may be I have had several different gauges from the BF calipers. Trying to get a baseline for my log entries. Feel free to post what muscle groups you feel I should work on more as well, I would like different input as we all have possibly skewed outlooks on our own body images. Height: 6'2" Weight: 196 Age:32 12922313_10209370469445283_162849171_o.jpg 12941258_10209370447684739_1723152217_o.jpg

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    16-17% just a guess

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    about 15% bf

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    Thanks for all the replies so far! This will be very useful for my baseline. Any added Info on muscle groups that could be more aesthetic or need work would be great!

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    I was on the fence was going to say 15-16...looks like you might have had a biscuit before that like possibly some more trap work

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    I'm on board with gaining more Traps for sure. My quads I feel are pretty solid but calves seem to be really hard to grow along with triceps

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    I'd guess around 15% as well.

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    SOmething around 15%, look good.

    John J.

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    16% would be my guess.

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